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Ever wonder what a germ looks like? Don't want to find out? Good for you. Luckily, through our sanitizing procedures, we have the ability to eliminate bacteria, viruses and odors without ever having to touch any surface.

Here are a few locations that would greatly benefit from sanitizing services.

  • Healthcare Facilities - How many times do you go to the doctor's office to find the waiting room crowded? Even today, hospital stays are shortened to eliminate the exposure to additional viruses and germs.
  • Public Transportation - Thousands of people use public and private transportation services daily. School bus companies are incurring large expenses in cleaning and sanitizing their vehicles to offer a safer commute for children. Maintenance information is not easily available for other types of transportation. You are only left to assume that something is being done to protect the public.
  • Daycare Centers (Child - Eldercare), Classrooms, meeting places - Hundreds of people, children, and adults meet daily!

Even though all of the areas listed above are presumably being cleaned and are free of viruses or germs, the chances of someone realistically being exposed to a virus or germ in these places should be considered high. For those places that do not have a regular sanitizing program in place, chances of a germ encounter are extremely high.

If you should have any questions on how our service can benefit you at home or your workplace, please contact us or call 877-742-4221 to speak with a registered Smart Touch Sanitizing™ contractor.

We at Emergi-Clean, Inc., as a registered Tomi Sanitizing™ contractor, assure you that we will always meet the quality standards and will consistently demonstrate the professionalism necessary to perform this service.

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