Animal Infestation

Having a pet or two can be one of the most wonderful things in life. Animals have an unconditional love for their owners and, most times, owners have an unconditional love for their pets. However, sometimes, there comes a point where it becomes too much for the owner to keep up with their animals’ needs. Animal urine and fecal matter are difficult to clean with household products due to enzymes that may be left behind. Our staff is compassionate and understanding of the importance of your pets. We use special enzymatic cleaners to clean the area to remove the biological enzymes and smells that are left behind.


Raccoons will get into any opening they can squeeze their heads through. They can rip into a roof’s overhangs, shingles, gable vents, the place where two roofs meet, or simply anywhere they sense a void. They can even get into the attic through crevices in the chimney.


If you have bats in the attic of your home or building, then you have large piles of guano, or waste, as well. Besides making your house smell bad, guano can lead to a lung infection called histoplasmosis, which is caused by inhaling the spores of a fungus that is carried in bat guano. Pests, such as cockroaches, are also attracted to guano, causing even more infestation. In addition, the droppings and urine can corrode wood and drywall.


Rodents multiply swiftly, and infestations may be extremely difficult to exterminate.

It’s important to identify and prevent rodent infestations. You may never see a mouse or rat unless an infestation is severe. Look for signs of rat or mouse infestation, such as rodent droppings around food packages, in drawers or cupboards, and under the sink. Collections of nesting materials, such as shredded paper, fabric, or dried plant matter, can also indicate an infestation.


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