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Emergi-Clean, Inc. takes a different approach when working with Government agencies. We can offer a design that delivers a method that minimizes error and delays, to a biohazard incident. Our capabilities are endless; we respond with precision to reduce your costs ranging from standard disinfection services to level A bioterrorism response.

One of the reasons separating us from other companies is our mindset of investing for the future. Emergi-Clean, embraces technology and products that increase the effectiveness of the services we perform and provide. As Government agencies expect the highest level of proficiency, we expect nothing less from our management team and technicians. Therefore, our training exceeds anyone's expectations.

Federal regulations can be tricky to navigate and understand regarding the biohazard industry. The requirements are left in a gray area and differ from state to state. Emergi-Clean has responded by establishing one of the only approved biohazard apprentice programs in the country registered through the Department of Labor. This apprenticeship gives our technicians the knowledge and experience to protect your workforce and the public when dealing with biohazard emergencies. With over 200 hours of classroom studies and 4000 hours of field experience, our technicians are vetted and trained to be the best in the industry. If you want further information, please click the service you need.

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