RESIDENTIAL: Biohazard Remediation

Call Emergi-Clean Inc. for Biohazard Remediation

Biological and chemical contaminants can cause serious health consequences and long-term damage to our immune system. Professional remediation, cleanup, decontamination, and final inspection are the only way to restore your environment to pre-existing conditions in a safety and professional matter.

Since 1995, Emergi-Clean Inc have proven that we have the knowledge and experience to properly handle biohazard situations. Emergi-Clean, Inc. has earned an excellent reputation for their professionalism and absolute compliance to safety standards mandated in the bio-hazard industry. ( IICRC Standard and Reference Guide S540)

Proper remediation methods are only the first step in restoring your home, business, or investment property. The proper tools, equipment, and staff that any vendor utilizes will have the greatest impact on its success. We are the company to contact for the complete remediation after the unthinkable happens. We are recognized as a specialty subcontractor for many other cleaning and restoration services throughout the Tri-State area. In addition, we offer complete restoration services to make it look like it never happened. We continue to work closely with our local municipalities, area businesses, and homeowners to achieve reliable service in a timely manner. Emergi-Clean Inc belongs to the American Bio Recovery Association and Decontamination Professionals International to help find coverage for your situation outside the Tri-State area.

We are not full-time carpet cleaners, or a flood/fire remediation company, we are a full time biohazard remediation company. Emergi-Clean Inc. specializes in biohazard remediation; also known as “crime scene clean up,” so when the unthinkable happens, who do you want to call? A company that only does this because they are trying to fill a down time spot in their schedule or one with 20 years+ of full time biohazard remediation experience —the choice is yours.

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