League of Municipalities Convention

Have you ever thought: Are there really companies out there that clean up disgusting things like blood and bodily fluids?  Today television has brought to our attention that there are some pretty dirty jobs out there.  But to us it is just another day.

Every November the League of Municipalities in the state of NJ holds a convention down in Atlantic City.  We have set up our booth every year for the past nine years and hear the same comments: “I would never need you”, “Gross!”, and of course the “Seriously, you do that?”.   Yes we are a family owned and operated company that cleans up the things that no one else ever thinks of from homicides, suicides and unfound deaths.

So why are we so important?  Many people walk past our booth with the deer in the headlights look.  Some intrigued, some grossed out and others just in awe.  Our biggest mission is to give information so that people are aware of our services.  So thank you to those that stopped by, took a pen or even had the chance to talk to one of us.

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