The Responder / Building a Skoolie for Emergency Response

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Our New Mobile Command Center w/ Sleeping Quarters



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It Was A Great Day

It’s New Years Eve and I was getting ready to start a new year  but the main reason today was a great day was because my bus was dropped off at the office today. Yes, you read this correctly my bus..

Why a bus?

Why, you ask?????  Well let’s dive in. My plan for investing in a bus was to turn it into a mobile incident command center with sleeping quarters for my company, they’re easily customizable, can be as high-tech as you need them to be, and they’re appropriate for a wide variety of uses especially for the mitigation field…

Through our twenty plus yrs being a family owned and operated business, especially in the last ten yrs, I have come to realize the importance of having a command center on some of our jobs and the problems that it could have solved by having one.

With a properly built mobile incident command center, Emergi-Clean, Inc., has the ability to provide enhanced services and control all of their necessary functions in a single area, all while being able to respond anywhere where we are needed. The plan is to use Solar Panels to power the MCC, as this will give us the ability to be off the grid and travel anywhere.

The Name

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we’ll be calling our mobile command center, “The Responder”. How fitting, right? This beast will include multiple workstations, a kitchen/living area with sleeping quarters and even a bathroom. This will be a truly comprehensive solutions for overnight stays or on jobs that require a bathroom or even a cooling area.

Need more Reasons?

Well, let’s step back and look at the unit for what it is: a large bus. This is a great solution for staying safe and keeping dry! During extreme weather or dangerous situations, Emergi-Clean, Inc., and their clients will be able to shelter in a single area and continue to work or complete paperwork in a secure location that, again, is able to function off grid…

A long day at work and job location is far from HQ? Why not pull over and take a short nap safely. Take a shower if you feel dirty, grab a snack from our refrigerator these are all advantages of having The Responder on site.

Being prepared during larger events.

Large events like what, you ask?  We’ve actually worked for Richmond International Speedway during Nascar races… We’ve responded to mass shootings, city fields covered in needles. Our main goal with The Responder is to keep our employees prepared because with the right tools they are able to provide the best services.

Effective and efficient

Another solution The Responder provides is it will enable response to High-Risk Events effectively! When responding to a potentially high-risk situation / infectious disease mitigation such as a mass shooting or possible Ebola outbreak, there are many tools that Emergi-Clean, Inc., may require at the same time. By deploying The Responder, this ensures that all of these tools and services are readily available at the scene.

If your company is considering getting a Mobile Command Center of your own, you may be wondering whether a refurbished bus is a good investment versus purchasing an RV? We’ll let you know our thoughts at the end of this project!

Be sure follow along and check back for updates and to see the final product.

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