CEO of Emergi-Clean Inc gets International Certification (CBRM)

Rahway, NJ – Emergi-Clean, Inc is proud to announce that our company CEO Ronald Vogel has achieved the highest level of certification through the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA). The American Bio Recovery Association is an international non-profit educational association that sets forth guideline standards in the Bio Recovery field. Vogel is now qualified as a Certified Bio Recovery Master (CBRM) technician after meeting very strict criteria mandated by ABRA. This certification of CBRM has only been given out to a few individuals nationwide. Some of the criteria required were a minimum of 10 years of bio recovery remediation, an OSHA 40 hour Hazwoper certification, OSHA 10-hour construction safety, and health training, verifiable third party accreditation in Occupational Safety or other field related to sanitation and public health.

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