On December 10 2004, around 1:30 PM, Custodian Debbie Rothwell received a call in what would turn into her worst day on the job. Upon her arrival she was shocked to see the bloody scene of a student that shot himself in the head inside the schools main entrance, according to Rothwell had to remove medical supplies, brain matter, pieces of bone, and blood in the hallway.

Within a few years, Rothwell filed suit against the District and Superintendent Green in 2007. Her claim was that she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The case was dismissed claiming pursuant CR 12 (b)(6) asserting her claims were precluded by the exclusivity provision of the IIA because her claimed injury occurred during the course of her employment. The trial court granted the District’s motion and dismissed the action with prejudice, and her lawsuit was reinstated in 2009.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated in 2013, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death for all ages in the United States. 8% of students have attempted suicide one or more times within 12 months. With these statistics there could be more cases like Rothwells. Especially because there are many custodians that aren’t fully trained or equipped to handle such a clean-up, emotionally.

There are companies trained and prepared in the field of biohazard remediation to handle a scenario like Rothwells. There is a lot more involved with biohazard remediation, and only a trained professional should provide the service, and many custodians and workers aren’t. If the blood isn’t cleaned up properly, it becomes a health hazard for anyone that comes into contact with it. Only a trained professional with proper tools, equipment, and properly used disinfectants can truly make the area or item safe. There has to be a proper clearance test in order to verify if the contaminated surface was disinfected. The clearance test proves that disinfection has been done properly and that the surface is safe to touch without the need to worry about it, according to American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA).

If you choose to hire a contractor or other professional service provider to do the clean up, make sure the contract has experience cleaning the issues. Check their references and ask the contractor to follow the recommendations in the EPA guide on the website.

Rahway, NJ – Emergi-Clean, Inc is proud to announce that our company CEO Ronald Vogel has achieved the highest level of certification through the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA). The American Bio Recovery Association is an international non-profit educational association that sets forth guideline standards in the Bio Recovery field. Vogel is now qualified as a Certified Bio Recovery Master (CBRM) technician after meeting very strict criteria mandated by ABRA. This certification of CBRM has only been given out to a few individuals nationwide. Some of the criteria required were a minimum of 10 years of bio recovery remediation, an OSHA 40 hour Hazwoper certification, OSHA 10-hour construction safety, and health training, verifiable third party accreditation in Occupational Safety or other field related to sanitation and public health.

Having a pet or two can be one of the most wonderful things in life. Animals have an unconditional love for their owners and most times owners have an unconditional love for their pets. However, sometimes there comes a point where the animals become too much for the owner to keep up with the maintenance. Animal urine and fecal matter are difficult to clean with household products due to enzymes that may be left behind. Our staff is compassionate and understanding of the importance of your pets. We use special enzymatic cleaners to clean the area to remove the biological enzymes and smells that are left behind.

Sewage includes any liquid or solid that contains fecal matter, pathogens or other microorganisms that can cause diseases. When an area is affected with sewage it is important to identify all contaminated areas so that all areas can be treated. There are some materials that once exposed to sewage cannot be properly decontaminated and must be disposed of properly. Our staff will work closely with you and inform you of any belongings that will need to be removed. Once all biological contamination is corrected the area will be properly restored and sealed with Smart Shield ™ to deter mold growth.

Over the past few years the tri-state area has been plagued with strong storms that have caused areas to flood that have not in the past. Many people believe the just drying the area out and spraying some bleach on it will cure any problem. This is not the case. If mold is not treated properly it can become an indoor contaminate that can affect the health of your family and the structural safety of the building. Our staff is trained in a multi-step process to eradicate the mold, remove it if needed and then sealing the area with Smart Shield ™ to deter future mold growth.