Emergi-Clean and ehsInc announce an affinity partnership

Emergi-Clean Inc. is proud to announce an affinity partnership with ehs International, Inc. (ehsInc) http://ehsinc.org, a workplace safety compliance, education, and curriculum design firm. Emergi-Clean Inc. (ECI) is a family owned and operated business for over 20 years http://emergiclean.com ECI specializes in bio remediation and bio recovery, including specialty services such as crime scene cleanup and industrial accidents. ehsInc has provided high quality safety education since 1997 providing  onsite training, consulting, and curriculum design.

Workplace safety has become vital for companies, to ensure the health of their employees and remain in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules. ECI and ehsInc have come together in order to provide their clients with the expertise and support they truly need.

Emergi-Clean Inc.’s staff includes ABRA Certified Technicians, NJ State Certified Medical Technicians, Firefighters, Certified Instructors, and OSHA Trained employees. ehsInc is comprised of industry experts who are driven to provide onsite compliance, education and program development across the nation with one common goal; protecting our workforce for future generations.

“We came together to form this partnership because we both wanted to provide added value to our clients. What Ron Vogel and Scott Vogel understands is that the bio hazards industry needs support when it comes to safety management,” stated Marjorie Del Toro, President and CEO of ehsInc., “Together with Emergi-Clean we have expanded our reach to the East Coast. Our companies complement each other. It is an affinity partnership where we have agreed to exclusively offer our services to our clients. Our clients will now have one place to go, allowing our respective services to be much more comprehensive.”

Emergi-Clean chose ehsInc as their ongoing partner because the company does not believe in a blanket approach to safety issues. ehsInc provides high quality services by tailoring their educational programs and compliance services to the specific needs of each company, which reflects the focus of Emergi-Clean Inc. Scott Vogel explained.

“ehsInc’s CEO Marjorie has a passion when she talks about the company,” Scott Vogel, Director of Operations stated. “When she speaks about the avenue of training she has an intelligence that makes her stand out more than the rest of the companies.”

The partnership provides a wider service reach and a state of the art East Coast Training Center in New Jersey.  Additionally, it will ensure the continued success of both firms all the while bringing better training options to the tri-state area which includes New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

For additional information, visit:  http://emergiclean.com and http://ehsinc.org.



CEO of Emergi-Clean Inc gets International Certification (CBRM)

Rahway, NJ – Emergi-Clean, Inc is proud to announce that our company CEO Ronald Vogel has achieved the highest level of certification through the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA). The American Bio Recovery Association is an international non-profit educational association that sets forth guideline standards in the Bio Recovery field. Vogel is now qualified as a Certified Bio Recovery Master (CBRM) technician after meeting very strict criteria mandated by ABRA. This certification of CBRM has only been given out to a few individuals nationwide. Some of the criteria required were a minimum of 10 years of bio recovery remediation, an OSHA 40 hour Hazwoper certification, OSHA 10-hour construction safety, and health training, verifiable third party accreditation in Occupational Safety or other field related to sanitation and public health.

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