Finding a job in a difficult field

Looking for a job after being laid off was extremely hard for me. Trying to find something in my field full-time or even part-time was exhausting. Sending out resumes, filling out applications, going on interviews and never hearing back from 95% of the people I interviewed with was extremely discouraging. I remember one-day sitting on my couch, watching TV when my dad e-mailed me, telling me to call his friend Ron because he might have a job for me. I had no clue what it was, but I figured what did I have to lose. What I did not know was that this would bring me into an industry that I had no knowledge of. After speaking with Ron Vogel and his son Scott I realized I would have quite a learning curve ahead of me, but I was ready to jump right in.

When I started working part-time at Emergi-Clean Inc., which is a second generation family owned and operated business that specializes in bio remediation and bio recovery; there were terms I never heard of, and I had an adjustment period of getting used to the subject matter since many of the jobs revolve around crime scenes, suicides, and accidents. I also did not know the extent of preparation and knowledge needed for what a bio remediation company does. I didn’t realize how much it entailed in the business both emotionally and physically.

I have had to observe the hectic schedules that the staff has, including my boss. He walks in and out of the office without sitting down and lunch is on the run a lot. When my boss finally goes to sit down and take a break, the phone sometimes rings and there is a client on the other end, emotional because of a trauma that had just happened. He drops what he is doing, and calls upon the staff.

When the staff sits down and tailboards about the next job they are about to go on; the expressions on their faces says it all. Quite often they are overworked, tired, and emotions are running high, but they have to put all of that to the side and get themselves ready to leave for the job.

Receiving phone calls about something traumatic is hard on everyone including the staff that has to answer the calls. The people calling are emotional, for good reason, but everyone is trained to listen and have a sympathetic ear to whom they are speaking. They truly care about the person on the other end of that phone call.

The staff that works with the client is there to help them from point A to point B. They handle all calls with compassion. The way the staff deals with people is as if they really are family, which is exactly what Emergi-Clean stands for.

Emergi-Clean prides itself on being a family owned company, and making it feel that your family is their family. Since I have worked here it has been proven time and time again. I have been here for three months, and working here is extremely fulfilling. I have never had the experience with working for a company where the main goal is helping others. Emergi-Clean is such a compassionate group of people, and I am so happy to have found a company that helps others in more ways than one.



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Emergi Clean, Inc. works alongside and assists their clients. Hoarding can be very serious as it takes over their lives. There are many degrees of hoarding and generally with professional assistance a plan of action can be developed. We at Emergi Clean, Inc will work very closely with everyone involved, we help organize, sort and find items that may have been misplaced. We remove items that may cause health & safety issues. We can help clean, deodorize, disinfect the best or worst of environments. Emergi Clean, Inc. is constantly looking for the newest and most improved ways to meet the needs of their clients. Emergi Clean, Inc. is discreet and understands the importance of your privacy and will not be judgmental but treat you as a client with the utmost respect. Each and every scenario is different, human, animal, trash, clothing and hoarding in general can create a unsafe health related environment, blood, bodily fluids, animal urine and feces and insect infestations are extremely dangerous.


Mold Growth and Spring

Spring is only a month away, and spring hopefully means warmer weather. On one hand most of us cannot wait to open the windows, air out the house and soak up as much sun as possible.  The problem is many people forget that this is also a time to worry about mold growth as mold loves warm and wet environments.  As you all prepare to do your spring cleaning there are a few things you should remember as the snow melts and may leave some damp areas in your home.

– Check areas that may have some damage from the snow storms to ensure proper drainage away from your house.

– Check the basement for any areas that may be damp as the snow is melting and find out where the water is coming from.

– If you had any pipes burst or leak repair them immediately and ensure the area is completely dry.

– If you have a humid area of your home, invest in a dehumidifier to remove the extra moisture from the air.

– If you see condensation continuously on your windows, pipes or other areas, dry it immediately and attempt to find the cause.

– Condensation occurs when warm humid air is cooled.

– Ensure proper drainage for the air conditioning units.

–  If you see a small amount of mold that has started clean the area with a mold remover and make sure it completely dries.  If the area is large you may want to contact a professional like Emergi-Clean, Inc. to ensure there is not mold behind the area where you can visibly see the mold.

Mold is an allergen and can impact the health of the young, old and immunocompromised.  Smart-Touch Sanitizing is a great investment for your family to reduce mold and other allergens in your household.


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